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Record Deal



Purchase a Record Deal

In Detail

Purchase a Record Deal is a  musical experience of a lifetime which additionally incorporates residential all-inclusive accommodation, with various options and packages to suit a wide range of clients and artists from all age groups, both Male and Female, Solo Artists, Groups and Bands from all over the world.

Clients will stay in beautiful and spacious accommodation. Meals and drinks are provided for the duration of their stay, Luxury transport to and from the airport in addition to all of your scheduled calendar appointments.

We offer the opportunity for the artist to showcase their talent to the world from AGRADEMUSIC headquarters that is based in the UK, and by purchasing a record deal you can be confident that you are on the right path to becoming a successful artist.

Purchase a Record Deal provides the artist with the platform and the opportunity to perform in front of a large number of music consumers, our network of associates and contacts, A&R and influential executives within the industry that are vast and varied as well as performing a number of live shows and the release of the completed song(s) to the world.

Purchase a Record Deal encompasses a comprehensive timetable at the same time as providing realistic and genuine opportunities to progress into the music business, through our contact network that has been built up over many years. You will be looked after by our highly experienced staff that have had many years of experience in the industry, you can be absolutely sure that your career will be looked after to a very high standard,

If you have the talent you will be noticed and AGRADEMUSIC certainly have the platform to help you along the way.

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