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What's Included


  • Solo Artist, Groups, Bands and Third Party Company Deals available

Select from 3 available Production packages

One Single Deal, 10 day schedule

Three Single Deal, 1 Month schedule

Album Deal, TBA

  • No Binding commitment

  • No long term agreements or  scary contracts


  • Airport Pickup and Drop-off

Luxury Transport throughout

Vehicle driven by Tour Manager


  • Luxury accommodation

Meals, Drinks included throughout*

Gym Membership

Personal Trainer


  • Photo Shoots

For Website, Social media, AGRADEMUSIC outlets and channels, Press releases, Merchandise Artwork etc.

  • Stylist, Makeup artist Team

  • Image consultant



  • Artist Branding

  • Logo design

Logo and Artist Branding designed

  • Artist Merchandise
  • Online sale of Merchandise 

Items produced and sold via AGRADEMUSIC Website and outlets.


  • Video shoot

Video editing – Video completion

  • Image consultancy

Team of Stylists and makeup artists, Video


  • Choreography



  • Recording Studio

Scheduled Recording Studio time

  • Music Production

Live instruments recorded* and/or backing track completed or purchased

Lead vocals completed, backing vocals completed

Music Produced, Arranged, Mixed, Mastered and completed 

  • Vocal coach

Scheduled in your calendar


  • Current and Subsequent administration of sales*

AGRADEMUSIC will provide record sales administration continuing for one year

  • PPL and PRS Registered

  • All relevant product codes

ISRC, UPC and EAN for released music

Released song(s) eligible to enter music charts

  • Administration and documentation

For Release, Publishing, Merchandise, Sales, Reports, Statistics, charts, Figures


  • Artist Webpage

Full Artist page on AGRADEMUSIC Website

  • Social media

Full social Media content and accounts administration by AGRADEMUSIC

  • YouTube VEVO channel

Artist YouTube VEVO channel


  • Artist song(s) released

  • Music Distribution

Released on the AGRADEMUSIC Label

Global music distribution

Digital release

CD release*

  • Online Promotion

Promotion to over 1,000,000 people worldwide

Pre-recorded Music sales

(full percentage for Artist)*

Artist keeps full ownership of material and sales*

Project Team

  • Team Behind the Artist

  • Project Manager, Production Manager, Administration Manager, Admin Personnel, Tour Manager, Marketing/Promotions officer, Press/PR officer, Social media manager, Music Producers, Assistant Producers, Sound Engineers, Mastering Engineers, Videographer, Director, Video Producers, Image consultants, Makeup artists, Choreographers, Vocal Coach, Photographer, Artist Manager.


  • Live Recorded Performances

Recorded for Artist and AGRADEMUSIC Channel

Your story YouTube live recording

  • Live event Performances

Live opening act for established artists

  • Press Interviews

For press releases and channel outlets

  • Radio interviews

For Live Press and YouTube channel

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