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Changing The Game



Purchase a Record Deal

About Us

AGRADEMUSIC based in the United Kingdom was founded by THE HMG GROUP.

We are a new and exciting type of record company and service that is very unique with an innovative and ground-breaking successful operation of business, leading the way having identified the requirement for drastic modernization within the industry in that we work with this new revolutionary approach in order to offer this unique service and product.

AGRADEMUSIC is a Record Company with a difference. We specialize as a multimedia and entertainment creation service, providing a package of the complete music and visual creation process for the complete song, from the conception and creation to the full release, distribution, marketing, promotion and sale of the product. We operate by way of using our extensive experience, expert knowledge and large capability as a record company, placing us in a unique position to offer the client our high quality and professional music and multimedia services,


by means of the client bypassing the traditional record company and the process of looking for a record deal, effectively the  client taking matters into their own hands, Which is where AGRADEMUSIC changes the game.

Offering an expert team in each department supporting the client whist they are able to concentrate solely on their music whilst being safe in the knowledge that all other areas of their career are being taken care of to a high standard. In essence, for an artist this is a major investment in themselves, in their talent and in their career, with great potential to significantly move them forward towards their goals.

We are opening new opportunities for clients that would not have previously received the chance to get themselves out there and would not have procured a record deal.

We are turning the music industry on its head with the way in which record companies operate. AGRADEMUSIC is a very exciting, unique and innovative way forward for artists in the music business, we are pioneering this new style of record company as the new and improved version that is continually moving forward as the only record company of its kind.

used for previous and current work with established and well-known artists, which places the client on a level playing field with many of today’s existing artists.

AGRADEMUSIC  is the originator of the “Purchase a Record Deal” concept. The concept derived by great demand and a changing industry which instantly provides the client with the upper hand

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