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Artist Branding

Artist Branding is essential for any artist, AGRADEMUSIC will help build your brand as well as greatly raise your profile to distinguish you from the numerous other brands (artists) that are out there.


We will help the artist to define their audio, visual sound and style to differentiate themselves from other musicians and artists.

Our design team will outline the visual aspects of your product in accordance with our image consultant and makeup artist team whilst marketing and promotions take care of the Publicity, Press, PR, Social Media, etc. aspect which is all designed to come together in order to contribute toward building an outstanding artist brand.


Essentially incorporating the sound, style, visual and audio of the artist along with customer awareness.

Effectively the artist brand will assure consumers as to the quality of the product and merchandise.

As part of the Purchase a Record Deal package artist merchandise and product is produced and made available for online purchase via AGRADEMUSIC website and subsidiary outlets.  

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