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Project Team

Each Artist/Group/Band will be assigned a team of professionals that will cover all aspects of their musical journey with us, headed by the Project Manager. Additionally each artist will be assigned a Tour Manager who will ensure that your scheduled calendar is maintained, all aspects of your career will be professionally managed and your team in place from start to finish.

Your team will support you at each stage of your musical journey, driving your career forward, beginning with the creative process, with the production team, composing, recording, editing, mixing, mastering, at the same time as working with the image consultant, makeup artist, choreographer and video production team, alongside your administration, PR, marketing continuing throughout the project to the release, distribution, promotion, managerial, merchandising and publishing of your creative works.


Your team will deal with all aspects of your career on your musical journey, which will be managed professionally alongside you the artist, so you can rest assured that you are part of the process each step of the way. In addition to your career being looked after to a very high standard while you concentrate on the creative aspect of your career.

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