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Purchase a Record Deal

Corporate Deals 

Are you a Organization, Group, Business, or Record Company?

Are you an Organization, Business or a Record Company that would like to Purchase a Record Deal? and to place your artist on the AGRADEMUSIC creation process? Not only will we provide your artist with the contracted record deal but at the same time we will be saving your company thousands of pounds/Dollars

Grade Music is very unique with our innovative and ground-breaking way of providing our services, leading the way in that we are the only record company to work with this new revolutionary approach and to offer this service and product

“Purchase a record deal”

Record Company with a Difference

The Traditional Record Company

With the merger of a majority of the record companies, both Independent and major, record companies are signing significantly fewer acts, for the most part only signing artists that have a proven track record in terms of sales in addition to being popular among music consumers.


With over an estimated 10 million solo acts, groups and bands that are looking for a record deal worldwide, you can only imagine how difficult it is to get signed as only a very small number of artistes ever procure a record deal. This is where AGRADE MUSIC comes in.

AGRADE MUSIC operate to the contrary of the traditional record company, whereby the old-style record company provide an artiste with an advance then recover that advanced money from record sales from that artist, subsequently when the company has recouped its advance, only then “hopefully” will the company/artist generate further revenue, but of course this is all at a very high risk, that is one of the reasons why in today's market record companies prefer to sign an artist with a proven track record.

Changing the Game

AGRADE MUSIC will operate by way of a client paying us an upfront fee, for us to use our expert knowledge and capability as a record company in order to, create, market, release, distribute and promote the completed song.

With AGRADE MUSIC the client can bypass the traditional record company and the process of looking for a record deal and take matters into their own hands. Our services instantly provide the client with the upper hand by means of an expert team in each department supporting the client whist they are able to concentrate solely on their music.


Albeit the customer is paying for a company’s professional service, however in essence this can be seen by the client as a major investment in themselves, their talent and their own career, with great potential to significantly increase their investment.

Creating New Opportunities

We are creating new opportunities for clients that would not have previously received the chance, nor would have procured the traditional record deal. We are turning the music industry on its head with the way in which we as a record company operate.

AGRADE MUSIC with its unique, innovative and ground-breaking style of opporation is pioneering this new and exciting approach. We are the new and improved style of record company that is continually proceeding forward, transitioned as the only record company of its kind.


AGRADE MUSIC enable the client to take control of their career and act without delay, where other record companies do not even acknowledge prospective  new artists.

This is where AGRADE MUSIC can greatly assist the client in their career and at the same time significantly enhance their chances of making their mark in the music industry whilst taking them to the next level.

Many talented artists spend a lifetime looking for a record deal that they never procure. In the music industry, talent is not enough for an artist to make it big as there are a great number of artists that are extremely talented but never procure a record deal.


For the most part all prospective recording artistes require that edge and certainly the opportunity, which is what AGRADE MUSIC provides.

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